Sergey Kononov - Red II

27th of November, 2016 - 15th of January, 2017

"Why red? To me, it's blood coursing through the whole body, it's the animal drive for life, the omnipresent strength of the physical, dominating every other form of expression, such as the soul's, the spirit's or the mind's."

This is how Sergey Kononov, a twenty-two years old Ukrainian prodigy, introduces the first part of his exhibition "Red", that we held in Parais in June 2016, and are now showing in Brussells at the end of 2016.

Through a striking portrait gallery, between realism and neo-expressionism he tenaciously depicts the crucial time of growing into a young adult. The artiste invites us to visit - especially the narrow-framed ones - his work as one would visit a zoo. It's only by catching the looks of this tough, under pressure, youth that one can pick up a glint of humanity, of hope and greatness. What is growing up ? That is the question main question in his work.He paints with oil and aerosol spray ; he likes to mix these two techniques, which both possess a shine and the same thickness. Aerosol spry brings a blur that fits the spirit of our time.

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