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Marchal MITHOUARD (Shaka) is born in 1975. He lives and works in Igny (91, France).

As an artist, for fifteen years, Marchal Mithouard has been striving strives to portray his contemporaries in their most characteristic expressions. He discovered spray painting in 1995 and soon his colourful faces with almost caricatural expressions covered the walls of Evry, his hometown.

He explores in parallel several media: painting, sculpture, graffiti, silkscreen, digital photo, tattoo before resolutely direct his work to painting and portraiture. The facesand bodies are fragmented, ribbed, identified black, the nerves to alive, as if they were wearing a mask or if they were, on the contrary, emaciated.

In 2007, Marchal (Shaka) adds to some paints a third dimension directly sculpting on the canvas using lightweight materials. Culmination of previous research, this form joint novel leaves a new room for spontaneity, to the accident, to unusual expressions of the contemporary world. The canvas becomes the space of transition between two worlds, that his characters through to challenge the "looking".

 Since 2012, he greatly refined his technique through the use of volume. He gives his sculptures the fineness of his work on canvas, making its expressiveness and the motions all the more striking.


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1994-2000 : La Sorbonne University, Fine Arts (Paris, France)




Anatomie du Mouvement, Galerie Lazarew, Paris, France


Collaborative project entitled “Les œuvres d’art investissent la rue” ("works of art invest Street"), between the city of Paris and 11 street artists of the parisian area. Shaka's work is in the city's 4th arrondissement.
Group show : Le Grand 8, La Réserve Malakoff, France


Galery Nine5, New York


October : "Onde de Choc", Soloshow, Galerie Lazarew Paris
April : Auction sales for “Reporters Without Borders”, Amsterdam, Holland


December : “ Mythic 27” Espace Pierre Cardin, Paris, France
Nov-Dec : Inauguration of sculpture “ Onde de Choc”, Espace Beaujon, Paris, France
November : collective show “ Quand La Ville Dort”, PDP Gallery
Mairie du 8eme arrondissement, Paris, France
October : Project “ Tour Paris 13 “, Paris , France
July : Sliema Street Art Festival, Malta
July : Permanent artwork on a wall for PDP Gallery inauguration in Barcelona, Espagne
“Meeting of Style”. International “Street Art” Festival, Perpignan, France.
June : Inauguration of “Le M.U.R Mulhouse”, Mulhouse, France,
May : Van Gogh Museum, “Vincentre” in Nuenen (Holland), 4 artworks inspired by Van Gogh
April-June : Theater “L’avant-scène” , Colombes, France
March-April : Collective exhibition «Strictly Paper», Schwalbe&Schwalbe Gallery, Munich, Germany


Dec : , “Nine5 Gallery”, New-York, USA.
Sept : “Stroke urban art fair”, Berlin, Germany
Aug : “Festival de la Pluie”, Arromanches, France
May-Jul : Personal exhibition, Galerie “Seize” Marseille, France
April : Auction sales for “Reporters Without Borders”, Amsterdam, Holland
March : Collective exhibition with Jonone, Speedy Graffito... Galerie Raphaêl Imbert Paris, France


Dec Collective exhibition with Jacques Villeglé, Jef Aérosol, Miss Tic...- Galerie Moretti-Moretti, Paris, France
Nov : Resdency in Alliance Française - Rio de Janeiro, Brésil
Oct-Nov :“Solo Show” - Galerie Lazarew, Paris, France
Sept : Exhibition and Auction sales with Aguttes, Lyon des Brotteaux.
july: Collective exhibition Tag’n’Tof with PhotoGraff Collectif - Galerie Confluences (Paris, France)
May-Sept «Lauréats de l’Artaq 2011» - Collective exhibition, Angers, France
April : Art Paris artfair - Grand Palais, Galerie Lazarew, Paris, France
Jan-Apr Collective exhibition with Jérôme Mesnager, Artiste Ouvrier,
Mosko&associés, Némo etc - « Johnson&Johnson building» , Issy-Les Moulineaux, France
Jan-Feb Collective exhibition «Lauréats de l’Artaq 2010», international Street Art competition- Espace ART22, Bruxelles, Belgique View



“Mythiq 27”, Gotham.lab editions
“DOIS/DEUX” with Alexandre Orion, l’Alliance
Française” editions
“USINA”, Alliance Française editions, with French Institute and French
Ambassy in Brasil.


«Vitry vit le Street Art», Critères editions
«SHAKA - Révolte Face», Opus 22, Critères editions.
ARTAQ Bookzine 2011, Artaq editions.
«40 Street Artistes Au Carré», Kawa editions.

ARTAQ Bookzine 2010, Artaq editions.

«Mural Art 2#» - international edition, Publikat Publishing.

«Paris Street Art», Prestel Verlag editions



“Le M.U.R Mulhouse”, Mulhouse, France.


300 sqm fresco , Melun, France
120 sqm fresco for“Norte Fluminence”, Macaé, Brésil.


150 sqm fresco for EDF.


600 sqm fresco for the city of Brétigny, France
Fresco realized with students, collège Boileau, Saint-Michel-sur-Orge, France


Fresco realized with 4 girls in an education center in Chilly-Mazarin,
Les Jardins, Chilly-Mazarin, France
Drawings for collector armchairs realized by Serge Olivares for Ateliers
Phlippe Coudray, Paris.


600 sqm fresco for pour la ville nouvelle the city of Evry, France
Work on canvass for Tony Parker et Eva Longoria ‘s wedding
Work on canvass for the launch of Skyrock’s new website

2006 Portrait of French sportsman Stéphane Diagana for his Stadium, Lisses (Ville nouvelle d’Evry), France
2006-07 Frescos for Art et Façades Cie.