Jacques-Henri Sansoulh

It is only when Jacques Henri Sansoulh died, in 2013, that his relatives discovered the scope of an obsessive artwork, produced in private during more than 20 years.
After studying sciences in Toulouse, Jacques Henri Sansoulh settled in Paris in 1962 , where he turned into the movie business , first as an assistant and then as director of short and feature documentary movies.

Painting has always been important in his life, as well as cinema, music, theater - same for all that generation that experienced the 60s cultural explosion.

But it was only in the early 90s that he took the leap : painting soon became his main activity, but he did not try to show his works. Only very few close friends knew how important it became in his life.

During the last twenty years of his life, he devoted himself almost exclusively to this creative passion, in an obsessional and accumulative fever.

> exhibition in Paris - Feb 2015

He left behind over 1,500 works on paper ; those captivating accumulations of colored spots and repetitive movements can be considered a creative outlet, if not an actual writing, which became vital as he isolated himself in his daily life.

Sansoulh wrote on each paper the precise date of its completion, making the secret adventure even more dizzying. He leaves an overwhelming, hypnotic artwork, affecting all of us.